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We make your experience the best it can be, by being more enjoyable and less stressful. If you decide to choose an online course with a different provider and find isn’t working for you, give us a call. Our distance learning online courses are one of a kind. We give you the option of studying online at your computer or with DVD’s on your T.V. It is in virtual classroom format. Colorado Real Estate College

American Real Estate School in Denver Colorado

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House-4-SaleDid you know that 80% of wealth is generated by real estate?

Learn the techniques used by large investors and the forms that let you generate attractive returns.
The real estate market is an area of business opportunity for generating wealth and financial.



This course will support the real estate broker practicing in mastering the understanding and achievement of listing agreements, the Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate, and related forms.

You will learn to measure specific market conditions, measure and apply time adjustments, understand the effect of financing concessions on value, and effectively communicate the results of the analysis to buyers, sellers, appraisers and loan underwriters.

An important component of the course addresses tactics the real estate broker can employ to impact the loan underwriting process and avoid lost transactions. This course is offered live classroom.

Nowadays, Real estate brokers can fulfill continuing education requirements while qualifying for the mortgage broker license. These Mortgage Broker pre-license courses have been approved for real estate broker elective continuing education. The course and state exam must be completed to acquire the mortgage broker license.
This is step one in a four-part series designed to provide an arsenal of tools for real estate brokers. Taken separately or in series, you can increase your CMA skills and accuracy with a better understanding of simple appraisal concepts and techniques.

Acquire what data the appraiser needs to avoid loan problems and minimize the opportunity for unsuccessful transactions due to lender issues. Develop your own market specific adjustment values and rise listing and sales activity as you get exclusive information about any specific neighborhood.

Jelly Donuts and the Appraiser is also available online.

Because we know that it is very important to choose the right your heritage, we will share a few tips that we know will help you to make the best decision.
Proximity to your job, schools and hospitals. Make sure that the home that you are interested in has a path of efficient transportation that take you up to him. It confirms that housing is located close to schools, health clinics, hospitals, shops and markets.

Public services. It is important that your home has the basic services, that’s why we recommend you ask the neighbors about the quality of services such as garbage collection, public lighting, drainage, water supply.

Make sure that the size of the housing is right for your family, and if it has the potential to be expanded in the future, the land is very important and the preparation for the construction.

Note that the materials are of good quality and that the housing is in good condition.

Alternative routes (public transport). Studies and alternative routes of public transport and roads available to get to your home (distance, cost, traffic)

Public spaces of leisure. Consider that you are close to parks, tennis courts, and other places for leisure.

It is important that you ask the neighbours how they are and if they are organised in committees, for example, management and monitoring.

Think and reviews with time, do not buy blindly, do not make a single visit to the home that you are interested in and don’t forget to look at legal aspects and warranties.