Community Association Manager Program

Community Association Manager Program – CAMCommunity Association Manager Program

The Community Association Manager Program is a composition of the regulatory elements of legislation related to the implementation of House Bill 13-1277. This program enables an individual, firm or a limited liability company, an association or a corporation to become a licensed community association manager. This is a mandatory program and anyone intends to become a community association manager has to undergo this program. The purview of the license includes licensure of the professional managers who are engaged in other common interest communities like residential, commercial, condo hotels and timeshare communities. 

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Community Association Manager ProgramThere are certain continuing education requirements for the licensed community association manager where the licensed community association manager is supposed to have completed eight (8) hours of continuing education courses in approved subject material every year.  An active license of a community association manager can only be renewed once a proof of completion of the continuing education is provided. Similar proof is also required in the cases of activating the inactive license or reinstating an expired license to an active license. There is an alternative to the continuing education.  One can also appear and pass the Colorado State conducted community association manager test and the passing certificate is also valid and can be used in lieu of the eight (8) hours of continuing education. There are other types of educational provisions that are also valid for meeting the requirement for obtaining license or activating an inactive or expired license. Those who have not completed the twenty four (24) hours program approved by Division of Real Estate must be a Certified Manager of Community Associations or Association Management Specialist or Professional Community Association Manager. If a person, firm, company etc. holds a real estate license in Colorado, the community association manager program provides the continuing education credit towards the next license renewal. In this case, the full community association manager program provides twenty four (24) hours of continuing education to renew the Colorado real estate license. There are certain statutory exemptions allowed to the licensure which are based on certain criterion laid down as per which the exemptions can be sought.

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