Growing House Opportunity

Growing House Opportunity – Monte Vista Real Estate Investment Deal

Growing House Opportunity

Marijuana Grow House Opportunity:

This property is located in Rio Grande County in the City of Monte Vista, Colorado. At present it is being utilized on Saturday only for weddings and social gatherings. At the once a week utilization an average gross income of $30,000 is being realized.

The expenses are averaging approximately $3000 a week which works out to a maximum of $13,000 per month. An expansion into Sunday’s for the same purpose is very viable. The current owner had previously been open on a more regular basis but had to back off the additional days of operation due to her assisting her ill father.

The amount of the current gross revenue could realistically be doubled or tripled with a certain amount of professional effort.

This, however, is not the value potential of this establishment. The neighboring counties of Alamosa and Conejos have both passed marijuana laws allowing sale and growth. It is anticipated that within the next six months Rio Grande County will follow suit.

This offering consists of a 13,000 sq. ft., building sitting on an acre of land. This is one of the few structures within the county that would have the means of conversion into a grow operation. This, in addition to the land mass would easily accommodate a massive grow operation as well as an adjacent structure for sales.

Whether the current investor should choose to sell the structure or to proceed with the grow and sell opportunities should produce an enormous return on investment. Some estimations based on similar situations occurring throughout the state of Colorado would suggest profits well into the seven figures.

As the brokers involved in this endeavor we are looking for a partner to reap the incredible investment potential that we are presently offering. The entire profits whether represented by the event opportunity or the marijuana legislation will be spilt on a three-way basis:

Purchase Price: $200,000 (cash)

Optional: $200,000
Down Payment: $100,000
Owner will carry: $100,000
10% Interest 6 months $ 10,000
Total Investment $210,000

We believe this to be one of the most lucrative opportunities ever offered within the state of Colorado.

We appreciate your time in reading this proposal and anticipate your consideration in terms of a partnership. There will, no doubt, be further inquires on your part. This is merely an introduction. Please call us with any other questions.


Ana L. Lugo (720)933-8333 or

Jim McCloskey (303)913-1984