Bob Parsons and His 16 Rules For Survival

Bob Parsons and His 16 Rules For Survival

For all the entrepreneurs who intend to be successful in their field, Bob Parsons is a big inspiration. Robert Parsons, widely known as Bob Parsons, is the founder and current CEO of GoDaddy group of companies. This group is comprised of 3 domain name registrars, including (flagship registrar), Wild West Domains (reseller registrar), and Blue Razor Domains. All of the mentioned domain name registrars are ICANN-accredited.

He is not only known for his exceptional entrepreneurial skills, but also for his useful pieces of advice on how to grow business. He writes about business and improving leadership skills frequently. Bob Parsons’ 16 Rules of Survival in Business not only connect with you on a personal level, but also help empower and motivate you during times you feel discouraged and giving up on your endeavors to become successful. Here is a summary of his famous 16 rules:

1. Get out of your comfort zone and try to stay out of it as long as possible. Whenever a person is in his or her comfort zone, nothing significant happens.

2. Never give up on your dreams. Mostly, nothing works at first attempt. Just because it does not seem to work at first, does not mean that it will never work. Maybe you are not doing it the right way. If it was simple, everyone would already be doing it, and you would never have an opportunity.

3. When a person is ready to quit, he/she is closer to success than he/she thinks. The temptation to give up will be greatest just before you are on the verge of succeeding.

4. You should always hope for the best and prepare yourself for the worst. With regard to the things that concern you, accept and quantify the worst scenarios that might happen.

5. Focus solely on the things that you want to achieve.

6. Bob Parsons rule number 6 states that you should never rush, and must take issues one day at a time. You can get out of the toughest situation provided that you do not look too far into your future and focus on present.

7. Always move forward, and never stop investing. You should always improve and do something innovative with your business. The moment you stop doing it, your organization will start to die. Make it your aim to do better every day. Remember, small improvements often result in huge achievements.

8. Make decisions quickly. Do not wait for tomorrow because it never comes. Execute your plans today, no matter how imperfect they seem.

9. According to Bob Parsons’ belief, anything that is measured frequently improves with time. Therefore, you should watch and measure anything that seems significant.

10. Anything that is not properly managed will deteriorate with time.

11. You should pay attention to all your competitors. But, always pay more attention towards your own business and what you are doing with it. Everything looks perfect from a distance. So, do not assume that your competitors are perfect and you are not. Keep an eye on them, but never stop monitoring your own business.

12. Never let anybody, but you, push you around. Remember, in our society, everyone has a right to do whatever others are doing, provided that it is legal.

13. Bob Parsons’ rule #13 states that you should never expect life to be fair, because it is not.

14. Solve your problems yourself. By coming up with your own original solutions, you will most definitely develop a competitive edge. You might not succeed without following other’s example, but do not lose your originality.

15. It is better to not to take yourself too seriously all the time. No one is in so much control of his business and life as much as he/she thinks. So, give your best, and let the chips fall where they may.

16. There is undoubtedly always a reason to be happy. Fine it and smile!

Follow these rules and they should help you to be more successful and happy as well.