Styles of California Homes

Styles of California Homes

Designing homes can lead to changing the lives of those that will one day move into those homes. You will have the peace of mind knowing you created happiness for a homeowner. A California design degree can get on this track to learning all you need to know about styles of different homes.

The styles of California homes range throughout the state. California has rolling hills in some locations and beautiful beach scenery in other locations. This means there will be different styles to choose from. One great thing about California is the lack of a harsh winter. Styles of homes agree with this as many have large windows and tiled roofs.

The Spanish style home is one of the most popular styles you will learn to design with a California design degree. This style gets its name from the unique design features that come from Spain and Italy. Most have double doors that lead into a beautiful courtyard with fountains many times. The floor plans are distinctive with open spaces. Everything has deep detailing to show off the beauty of the home.

The ranch style home is long and gorgeous. They are usually single story with many rooms winding through the interior. Modern looks combine with minimal decor for a simple touch of detailing. The construction is usually made with stucco, brick and/or wood. Most of these homes are decorated with rustic details. These are classically designed with a modern twist.

The Mediterranean influenced “California style” homes are large and elegant. Most are constructed with stucco and have many open areas. Nothing is constricted in this type of home. Most have shallow, tiled roofs for shade in the warm environment of California. Large, exposed beams and huge windows adorn the home for natural light. Courtyards, gardens and open arches are found throughout the home and its surroundings.

The modern style of home is emerging in popularity. With its edgy design and unique features, this style is capturing the hearts of homeowners. This style is often made with wood, stone or steel. Modern homes have lots of natural lighting to save energy as well as huge windows that can even take up an entire wall. Some are built vertically with large, long windows to capture nature and more light. These are often eco-friendly and located throughout the state.

A California design degree can change your life as well as the life of a future homeowner. You will learn how to design everything from the classic homes to the newest technology of homes. The future of homes in California could be sitting right in front of your nose.