What to Do When Your Internet Goes Down

What to Do When Your Internet Goes Down

Many factors can contribute to a lost Internet connection. Blackouts can be the most apparent, and can only be resolved once the power comes back on, but there are other reasons for the Internet to go down that aren’t so obvious, and can be difficult to find and fix. Good Internet service providers will be able to be contacted and guide you step by step if the problem doesn’t resolve itself and isn’t so easy to discover on your own.

How to Deal with an Internet Crash
sometimes when the Internet crashes, it could be due to a wireless router being either disconnected from a power source or from other computers. If your Internet crashes you may want to check the router and make sure it is connected to a power source.

Oftentimes the router can be in an area where a connection is bad, and interfered with by other active electronics attempting to connect to the Internet, such as a television DVR. A good way to make sure the connection is at its strongest and can connect wirelessly to any computer in the house is to place it in an area that receives the strongest signals. Through any computer, the strength of the connection can be viewed in megabytes per second to help determine where the router should be located in order to stay connected. Contacting Internet service providers can also assist you in finding out how to check your signal strength.

Another reason the Internet might crash is due to bandwidth overload, where too much information is being uploaded or downloaded over a single router. This can happen with a household or business that is using too many system resources, with multiple PCs browsing high-content websites or downloading large files at a high download rate. Many routers will automatically shut off if this happens, as no more data can be transferred, and will restart on their own. A good way to prevent this is to recognize the overall bandwidth space your connection allows before shutting down, and to ensure any PC users don’t exceed this limit.

Contact Internet Service Providers for More Help
if the situation isn’t easy to figure out on your own, it can often be best to contact your Internet service provider for help. A technical guide should patiently help you along and work with you to resolve any and all issues, getting you back online.