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Real Estate Broker Licensing with excellent exam preparation


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The State of Colorado requires 168 educational hours for the Pre-Licensing of Real Estate Associate Brokers, and passing the State and National exams to become a Broker.


Industry leaders visit the classes for an enriched perspective on key components of being a successful Broker.

Real Estate Broker Licensing, exam preparation

Additional Areas of American Estate College’s Training:

  • Legal Requirements
  • Building Relationships with Buyers and Sellers
  • Getting the Sale
  • Follow-Up and Referrals
  • Keys to a Successful Showing
  • Working with Brokerage Houses
  • Working with Lenders
  • Working with Title Companies
  • Working with Inspectors, Appraisers, Mortgage Brokers
  • Credit Repair for Credit-Compromised Clients
  • RE Math Made Fun and Easy
  • Contracts, Law & Practice, Current Legal Issues, and Legal Descriptions
  • How to Avoid Pitfalls as a Broker
  • Short-Sales
  • Foreclosures.

And Much More!

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Colorado real estate broker license
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Commercial real estate license Colorado

Course Materials Included!

Alternative Training to Online Learning

If you choose online, and decide it’s not working for you, give us a call.  We will offer you a partial credit as a Transfer Incentive to American RE College.

<amdatory Real Estate Classes Complete Pre-Licensing course may be taken via DVD.

New Classes Just Added To Our Curricula!

  1. Colorado Real Estate Principles -48 hrs.
  2. Colorado Real Estate Current Legal Issues – 8 hrs.
  3. Colorado Real Estate Contracts-48 hrs.
  4. Colorado Real Estate Practical Application – 32 hrs.
  5. Colorado Real Estate trust Accounts – 8 hrs.
  6. Colorado Real Estate Closings – 24 hrs.
  7. Colorado Real Estate Math – 4 or 8 hrs.
  8. Pricing the Tough Stuff – 2 or 4 hrs.
  9. Four Hour Mandatory – 4 hrs.
  10. Colorado Contracts – 2 or 4 hrs.
  11. 24 Hour Broker Administration – 24 hrs.
  12. Electronic Transactions in Real Estate – 4 hrs.
  13. Commercial Real Estate Mortgaging Servicing – 4 hrs.
  14. Environmental Issues in Your Real Estate Practice – 4 hrs.
  15. Agency Plus-4 hrs.
  16. Exterior Structures – 4 hrs.
  17. Architectural Styles – 4 hrs.
  18. Diversity in Doing Business in Real Estate – 4 hrs.
  19. Commercial Real Estate Smart Marketing Practices – 4 hrs.
  20. Principles of Construction Lending-4 hrs.
  21. Commercial Real Estate Listing Procedures-4 hrs.
  22. Principles of Commercial Real Estate Underwriting-4 hrs.
  23. Environmental Considerations in Real Estate-4 hrs.
  24. Commercial Structures-4 hrs.
  25. Principles of Commercial Real Estate Finance-4 hrs.
  26. Introduction to Commercial Real Estate-4 hrs.
  27. Lead Hazard Disclosure for Homes and Apartments-4 hrs.
  28. Title Issues – – Beginning To Advanced-4 hrs.
  29. Bankruptcy Entitled Concerns-4 hrs.