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Make the same decision thousands of others have made for the best RE education.

Thank you for your interest in American Real Estate School. While exploring the market for your best education source, a number of questions will influence your final decision. You will no doubt analyze passing percentages by each school, which of course, is important. There is, however, another aspect that is far more significant and is not generally mentioned in a schools promotional material. This most significant item is student success in the field after they pass the state exam.

AREC has consistently scored among the very highest in its state pass rate, but what we take greater pride in is the success of our students after they graduate. We track this by the response of Broker Managers within the profession. They consistently rave about our graduate’s knowledge and go out of their way to recruit our students. Two to three times a week these companies provide lunch to our students just for the opportunity to persuade you to work with them.

Upon graduation from AREC you will be in great demand.  Of course you are always welcome to stop by the school and talk to our current students.

We are also the Online Specialist!