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colorado-real-estate-license-schoolIn Colorado American Real Estate school we offer complete Pre-Licensing training, prepares you for the exam, provides computer-based, feedback-rich, self-paced, private practice exams, as well as In-Class coaching that enables an individual, firm or a limited liability company, an association or a corporation to become a licensed community association manager. This is a mandatory program for anyone intending to become a community association manager in the estate of Colorado
Our well know program is given by industry leaders all over Colorado that visit the classes for an enriched perspective on key components of being a successful Broker with the help of professional managers who are engaged in other common interest communities like residential, commercial, condo, hotels and timeshare communities. The Real Estate Training, offering the best information and preparation for you. Real estate renewal classes Colorado
Our goal is to help you pass the State Exam by challenging you and providing more than enough materials for you to excel. Should you miss a day or want to review what you have just studies in class

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Our Institute’s mission is the education of excellence with values and ethical principles.

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Continuing Education program: Real estate renewal license requirements

Question of the renewal of the license program under the Act 124 of 2016.

Coordinate with professional schedule best suited to their needs. It is important fill us the AREC request indicating the hours available to make compliance with the continuing education hours and schedule your education in our center.