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In American Real Estate College we are committed to the continuing education of Real Estate brokers in Colorado. We are a 5280 Educational Institution. Our institution is accredited by Dora and the Examining Board of Brokers, Sellers and Real Estate Companies of Denver and considered one of the best Schools Real Estate in USA

We focus in offering classes well structured, enjoyable and interesting to make learning so simple.
Real estate classes are offered with binding, associative and illustrative examples to matters governed by the local federal agencies and educational boards.
Courses and seminars go to the point, texts and approved resumes are up-to-date.

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The format of classes of goods roots are:
Face to face or online independently, doing tests and assignments. Stimulating thinking critical.
Our books and auxiliary material of our courses and seminars have their own manuals with illustrations posted by professionals and registered and protected by the registration of the intellectual property of AREC and the library of the Congress of United States.

American Real Estate License, Denver Real Estate School, Exam Prep Training in Denver Colorado

AREC is your best choice to prepare for the exam of validates to obtain this license.

Welcome to Welcome to American Real Estate College Our Real Estate School has 36 years of experience in the field of Real Estate Education in Colorado State. We have licenses and accreditation of the Board of Colorado.

We stand out by being a leader in the educational training of realtors and professional brokers are getting their certification fit and trained to meet the constant challenges that presents the market real estate.
successfully and so talented
Our Real Estate Broker course consists of 168 hours. Once completed is done you will obtain a certificate which will give you access to take the validation exam to became a Real estate Agent in Colorado State.
Our results are amazing!