Five Reasons to Use an Ad Agency

Five Reasons to Use an Ad Agency

Ad agencies combine the creative and marketing talents of the advertising business, a tough mix to produce in your own staff. If you need a reason to start looking, here are five:

ONE: Don’t Try this at Home
Advertising is a demanding job that requires building and maintaining relationships on both a professional and personal level. To keep up with it all can be a distraction from the real business of your organization, and it’s done best by specialists who have time and experience.

You might be able to hire a good creative designer, but often a creative personality does not also have the skill set to deal with publishing your advertising across the array of newspaper, radio, television, Internet, signboards and new social media networks.

TWO: It Pays
It’s easy to overlook this benefit but the money you pay an advertising agency is deductible as a business expense on your tax returns. The costs of your in-house staff include salary, benefits Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment insurance for each employee, plus other legal and financial liabilities. When your employees run ad campaigns, it reduces your flexibility to run the rest of your business. This can be especially painful when you’re trying to minimize spending in times that are not hot-selling periods for your business.

Designing ads in your office also requires very costly computer software and hardware that need constant updates and attention. Most companies don’t hire their own lawyers and accountants anymore, and the same goes for your advertising professionals.

THREE: Get an Outsider’s Viewpoint. A Phoenix ad agency outside your own organization will have an objective look at your product and your public image. This is often under-estimated, but it’s so often needed. This gives you a third party perspective and can suggest alternatives that might not occur to a production-oriented organization. Radio stations change their formats and audiences often. Newspapers reach certain age groups and income levels, and miss others. Social media offers new possibilities, but is a challenging and evolving marketplace.

FOUR: Hired Guns are Better Shots. Advertising and marketing agencies help keep the social media, newspaper, TV and radio stations honest. Because they deal in higher volume, they have leverage to demand the best deals. It’s easy for media organizations to take advantage of an inexperienced buyer who has little understanding of share and ratings and they might not volunteer important information regarding programming and times.

FIVE: Expand Your Network. A Phoenix ad agency will expand your personal reach in areas of the business community you may not have reached before. Advertisers are generalists, and they know what everyone is doing.