Signing On the Dotted Line – That First House Feeling

Signing On the Dotted Line – That First House Feeling

It could still go wrong, and you’ll be stuck in your apartment.

You’re running late in putting together that important house-closing paperwork and because of it you are constantly making mistakes. The exhaustion is getting to – you’re in your at least eighth attempt to get it right.

You cannot believe that you just ran out of printer ink and are overwhelmed by the task at hand and still have to purchase more. The combined exhaustion and excitement are getting you all confused in regards to what ink you need. You can’t wait and you want to step into your new house soon. Which could happen today, if you get your act together? You know it’s worth the frustration; nevertheless this is just not the right time to run out of printer ink.

On your way to the store you can only think of getting all the paperwork signed off. That first house feeling is overcoming any nervousness. After dealing with the heavy midday traffic you arrive to the store and can’t find parking. Yes, of course, you couldn’t ask for anything more too happen to you, could you? The trip is definitely not over yet. Now your car is finally parked, you hurry and enter the store looking for the aisle that sells the printer ink, preferably Canon ink.

Now what? The amount of different inks is shocking and your mind hits the final exhaustion point. After calming down you realize you first need to think of what printer you have and what numbers the printer ink needs to be. The Real Estate agent will meet with you in 45 minutes and you still can’t believe you ran out of ink right before this important moment in life.

You think you chose the right printer ink now. In the checkout line you notice you might also need paper to print and don’t want to risk having to come back to the store. Taking precautions you head over and snag a few reams.

Finally on your way, you’re daydreaming regarding all the projects you want to do in your new home. After installing the ink and assuring yourself that all the paper is in place you print those papers out in triplicate and quadruplicate in case you make more mistakes.

You call the agent and let him know about the printer ink issue but you are now on your way. When you arrive the agent is also very excited for you and reviews the papers. He informs you that the only thing you missed was putting your signature on the dotted lines. You laugh hard as you finally sign for the keys.

That first house feeling has made you now forget the stress the printer ink and everything else put you through earlier and all the running around you had to do because of it. Something as simple as running out of ink was stopping you from being able to accomplish one of the biggest dreams you had in life. Some of the smallest things in life make the biggest differences in the long run.